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The old saying, "Half of all advertising dollars are wasted, the trouble is we don't know which half" need not apply to your digital marketing! Drive efficiency and predictably by better measuring online interactions with your facility.

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01 - Google Analytics Implementation

Autum are experts at Google Analytics implementation, this incredibly powerful, free software is well positioned to thrive in a limited-cookie or cookieless tracking world.

02 - Closing the Revenue Loop

The real magic happens when your online campaign data can be enriched by earned revenue (or lifetime customer value). We know how to work within the tools most assisted living facilities use to deliver this data allowing you to level up your marketing.

03 - Multi-Touch Attribution

Most assisted living facilities are only measuring the "last click" that brought a lead or phone call, leading them to take dollars away from the tactics that are creating awareness. With Multi-touch attribution, you can give credit to all productive campaigns in a methodical way, and increase your scale and efficiency.

"If you have any doubt about the current search engine marketing strategy that your facility or broader organization is using, I would strongly encourage you to schedule a discovery call with Autum Digital. It took my facility almost a full year from that first conversation to finally make the decision to work with Autum - but we are very glad we did!

Our team finally has visibility into where our leads come from, what channels create awareness, and what channels help us to book appointments. Autum has helped make our marketing incredibly efficient, and when our beds are full, they have taken that same efficiency to help us create our own pipeline of candidates on the staffing and recruiting side of the house. You owe it to yourself to schedule a discovery!"

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Website analytics for assisted living facilities.

At the core of every marketing or website project at Autum Digital is a rock-solid Google Analytics implementation. We believe in the incredible value provided by this free tool - and see it's value only increasing as we privacy regulations force marketers to find cookieless tracking solutions (which GA4 is incredibly well position to provide) in the near future.

Increase the efficiency and scale of your marketing with better web analytics.

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