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Virtual Tours
for Assisted Living Facilities

Across industries buying behavior has permanently changed in the last several years. If your assisted living facility is not using virtual tours on your website, in your recruiting efforts, and in your new customer journey - you are being left behind!

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The Power of Virtual Tours

01 - Top of the Funnel

Virtual tours are a powerful tool for attracting customers, this asset is being used effectively in website and ad strategies, and is the site feature with the highest engagement across brands.

02 - Lead Nurturing and Buyer Journey

Virtual tours are also being used with fantastic effect by facility managers to educate potential buyers and help them get one step closer to move-in.

03 - Recruiting Strategy

Facilities that are rockstars in recruiting are building "recruiting brands" - the virtual tour is an amazing asset for explaining what makes your facility the right place to work for potential team members.

"If you have any doubt about the current search engine marketing strategy that your facility or broader organization is using, I would strongly encourage you to schedule a discovery call with Autum Digital. It took my facility almost a full year from that first conversation to finally make the decision to work with Autum - but we are very glad we did!

Our team finally has visibility into where our leads come from, what channels create awareness, and what channels help us to book appointments. Autum has helped make our marketing incredibly efficient, and when our beds are full, they have taken that same efficiency to help us create our own pipeline of candidates on the staffing and recruiting side of the house. You owe it to yourself to schedule a discovery!"

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Virtual Tours for the Assisted Living Industry

With more pizzas ordered on an app last year than over the phone, it is clear to see the effect that technology is having on consumer buying behavior. Virtual tours for the assisted living industry is one of the biggest game changers for assisted living websites and marketing campaigns that the Autum Digital team has seen in the last 10 years of running these campaigns.

If your facility doesn't have a virtual tour, or you are struggling to get started creating one, please don't hesitate to request a discovery to learn more.

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