Website Development for the Senior Living Industry

Your website is the new "curb appeal" for your facility, are you putting your best foot forward? We specialize in low-cost, extremely effective websites for the senior living industry.

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Website Development

01 - Website Redesign

Autum has a proprietary website framework that produces on-brand, highly effective, low-cost websites that are customized to the site requirements necessary to drive growth in your facility.

02 - Website Refresh

Web technology moves at a frenetic pace, placing a finite lifespan on any website. If your website is in the middle of it's lifecycle, a partial refresh may be the best return on investment.

03 - Applications and Software Dev

Native iOS and Android Apps? Yup, we do that. Need a better way to send data to Point Click Care? We got you covered there too. If you have a project in mind, chances are we can help!

04 - Integrations & Analytics

In order to get the full value from your website, it needs to be properly integrated into your analytics suite, and other key business technologies. We are experts in this area.

"If you have any doubt about the current search engine marketing strategy that your facility or broader organization is using, I would strongly encourage you to schedule a discovery call with Autum Digital. It took my facility almost a full year from that first conversation to finally make the decision to work with Autum - but we are very glad we did!

Our team finally has visibility into where our leads come from, what channels create awareness, and what channels help us to book appointments. Autum has helped make our marketing incredibly efficient, and when our beds are full, they have taken that same efficiency to help us create our own pipeline of candidates on the staffing and recruiting side of the house. You owe it to yourself to schedule a discovery!"

Let's build something great!

Digital marketing can create predictable and efficient scale. Request a Discovery to see how Autum can help your organization!

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Winning websites for assisted living facilities.

At Autum we have a proprietary human-powered process for building winning websites that we combine with a proprietary technological stack, allowing us to create websites that we feel are so far above our competition, that they don't really compete - at any price point.

If you are ready for a new website, or just curious to see how your current web presence stacks up, please don't hesitate to schedule a discovery!

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